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In Lexington, the Council At-Large race is one of the most impactful races in the 2018 General Election Cycle. Council At-Large seats are responsible for representing the interests of everyone in Fayette County, not just one specific District, and the top vote-getter becomes the Vice-Mayor of Lexington. Yet, often this race does not get as much public attention as others - like the Mayoral Race. In order to address this issue, CivicLex decided to host a Town Hall that featured the At Large Candidates.

The event was an extension of CivicLex’s mission of working to build a more civically engaged community by providing better access to information and building stronger relationships between citizens, those who serve them, and the processes that impact them. When planning the event, we decided that a traditional Town Hall style event would not adequately meet our mission. Instead, the event focused on letting citizens to interact directly with Council At Large candidates, and ask them questions about the issues that impact their daily lives.


  • Name: CivicLex decided on a name for the event. We wanted to foster interaction between the public and the potential councilmembers
  • Format
  • Council Candidate Contact List
  • Location
  • Attendance
  • Questionnaire
  • Design Materials
  • Create Sector Pairs
  • Moderators
  • Venues
  • Created Facilitator Guides
  • Food & Drink
  • Volunteers
  • Post-Event Surveys


Evaluation for this event was conducted via short, in-person interviews after the events with facilitators and candidates, and via an online survey sent out to event attendees.

All 6 of the Facilitators indicated that they enjoyed the format, and felt well-prepared to moderate the process.

All of the 5 At-Large Candidates who showed up said that the format allowed them to connect directly with constituents, and have meaningful connections. Here is an unsolicited quote sent via email from one of the Candidates:

"Please accept my thanks for last night's event and pass the thanks along to all involved. It went well, and I appreciated the opportunity to have small, quiet discussions with knowledgeable people genuinely interested in the issues."

- Candidate

We were able to receive a response from 16% of registered attendees for an after-event survey that was fillable online. The following are some statistics from the survey:

  • 88% of responses indicated that they would rate the format as "Very Good" or "Excellent"
  • 88% of responses said they felt significantly or very significantly more informed after the event
  • 55% of responses they felt "significantly more" motivated to participate civically, 45% said they felt the same motivation to participate civically
  • 6 Council Districts were represented in our response group, with approx. 30% coming from District 1, and 30% from District 5.


Toolkits for this event are coming soon.


Content coming soon.