CivicLex Info Hub

Enter the Election Hub.



In advance of the 2018 election, we heard from citizens that is was difficult for voters to find information regarding 2018 candidates for Urban County Council, Judicial Races, and other County races on the ballot.

We decided to create a centralized resource to house our Council Candidate Questionnaire that would also compile contact information, campaign finances, and recent articles about the candidates. In addition, we wanted to add in general voting information, including where to vote, a district finder, and more.



  • We created a survey using Google Forms for Mayoral and Council candidates, and sent it out with a one-month response deadline.
  • We then created a centralized brand identity for our election work, housed under a previously existing project called "LexVote".
  • CivicLex staff scoured the internet and created a database of contact information, social media and campaign links, and articles for all Council Candidates. We also gathered information from organizations like Fayette Alliance and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth who already have public candidate surveys.
  • Using the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, we downloaded .csv files for the Campaign Donations for each of the candidates, and uploaded the files into Google Sheets. We then made this Google Sheets database public (after scrubbing some contact and personal information from donors), and added it to our centralized database.
  • We then built a custom website using Squarespace to house all of the information contained in this centralized database.
  • Using data we requested from the Fayette County Clerk, we worked with our Wordpress Developer Meadowbright to build a Precinct Finder into our main CivicLex platform. That can be found here. The Precinct Finder also allows individuals to find their representatives at the State, City, County, and School Board levels.
  • All of this information was then built into the LexVote website. The Election Hub can be found here.