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What’s different about the Mayor’s FY2020 proposed budget?

Sectors: General Government

Council Districts: All of Lexington

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Quick Summary

Why Does this Matter?

What's the context?

How can I get involved?

  1. Attend Council Link meetings:
  2. Attend the Public Comment on the City Budget
  3. Attend Budget Readings
  4. Attend CivicLex Budget Workshops
  5. Talk with your family, friends, and neighbors about what city services impact their lives.
  6. Get in touch with your City Council Member to ask them where they stand on the budget and which links they sit on.


This Issue Post has been edited, please see changes reflected below:

  • “Why does this matter?” section was edited from “PDR and Historic Preservation will move under the office of Governmental Communications” to  “PDR and Historic Preservation will move under the CAO’s Office to more accurately reflect the LFUCG Organizational Chart.