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How is Lexington Addressing Wage Growth for Low-Wage Workers?

Sectors: Economic & Workforce Development

Council Districts: All of Lexington

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Quick Summary

Why Does this Matter?

What is the Context?

  • Dozens of smaller cities and counties have also enacted higher wage standards. Statistics show that higher minimum wages do not contribute to job loss – job growth is slightly faster in states that raised their wage floors and unemployment fell a bit more.
  • Employment policy studies recommend encouraging and incentivizing High Road Workplaces. These employers implement paid sick days, family medical leave insurance, diverse hiring, fair wages, retirement plans and other workplace practices and policies that attract and retain productive, loyal employees.

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Talk with your family, friends, and neighbors about how wages effect their lives.
  • Talk with your city council representative about this issue.
  • Read more about Lexington policy and what other communities are doing to address this issue.
  • Support businesses that promote fair labor practices.
  • Reach out to organizations and programs that advocate for different positions for low-wage worker wage growth like Commerce Lexington, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, and the Lexington Jobs Fund.


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