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How are Lexington’s Public Schools funded?

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  • Total FCPS district-wide per student spending in the 2018-2019 school year was $15,112.00.
  • In 2018, FCPS showed $662,667,548 in revenue. This mostly came from from local taxes, state funding, and federal funding, with grants and other revenue streams making up the remainder.
  • Local revenue – $304,176,553 (2018): The largest funding source for the school system. Comes from property, motor vehicle, and occupational taxes. It is pooled by the district and distributed to each school based on their funding requests, according to Chay Ritter at the Kentucky Department of Education.
  • State revenue – $240,975,587 (2018): State educational funds are generated from state sales and income taxes. Of the total state funding, $96,564,471 was received from the Support Education Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) program. The SEEK funding program is a formula-driven allocation of state funds to local school districts that is designed to address issues including transportation costs and special needs students as reported by districts.
  • Federal revenue – $43,302,030 (2018): These funds are usually earmarked for specific student populations or school programs (Title I-IV, The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and Head Start). Since the U.S Constitution allocates responsibility for education to the states, federal education funding is meant as a supplement to state and local sources.

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